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About us
After a period of a long and detailed research and development, Vetrola® started to produce glass washbasin in Word and Europe standards with a huge product range. With eminent services and superior production quality; VETROLA® GLASS IND.COMM.LTD.CO. Focuses on customer satisfaction and cobtinue to develop in national and international market since 2005. Now our compny produces 1500 unit glass washbasin in a month which makes us leader in national market. As raw material our company uses glass which originates from America and Belgium and dye from Italy and Germany, so this brings us in products and production to the level of World and Europe standards. VETROLA® Directly and indirectly makes export to Europian and Asian countries and parallel to our growing sale range, we update our capacity and technology. With innovative structure and brillant services, VETROLA® company will continue to work accurately for creating special designs and elegant bathrooms for our valuable firiends.
Leading company in the Glass Sink sector.
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